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It is important to look after your eyes when you use a computer all day.

When you are working at a computer you should follow the 20-20-20 rule.


Every twenty minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.


This will relax the eye muscles and reduce eye strain that can be caused by staring at digital screens for a long time without taking frequent breaks.

Symptoms of eye strain can include:


·      Watery eyes

·      Tired or achy eyes

·      Blurred vision

·      Double vision

·      Dry eyes

·      Headaches

·      Eye redness



The 20-20-20 rule is easy to remember and these pointers will help you make it part of your routine.


·      Set an alarm for every 20 minutes whilst you are working to remind you.

·      Look at something at least 20 feet away – judging 20 feet can be a bit difficult

but looking at an object further away than 20 feet works just as well.

Look out of a window and find an object in the distance to look at for 20 seconds.


Blinking is also vital and prolonged computer use can lead to dry eyes as you blink less when you are staring at a screen. Blinking encourages tear production, which helps stop the eyes being too dry.


Remember to take regular breaks not just from looking at the screen but also from sitting in the same position at a desk. Standing up and walking around periodically can help prevent back and neck pains.


Have your eyes checked regularly to make sure that you are wearing the right glasses to help you see the best you can at your screen. There are lenses designed for use on digital devices that might benefit you so ask us about them at your next visit.


It is very important to have an eye examination if you are experiencing any symptoms of eye strain so that we can check your eyes are healthy.

Call 01908 567 672 to book an appointment.

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“No two snowflakes are alike, each is as individual as a human finger print “

Frame selection and fit are significant considerations when dispensing and choosing spectacles. The components of conventional spectacles don’t often meet the complex needs of the young wearer whose features and needs are all different. Conventional spectacles result in a fit that is often less than acceptable and could mean the frame slips down the nose constantly or is uncomfortable to wear. The result could mean frequent appointments back and forth to the Optician to re-fit so that comfort and vision remain constant.

Tomato frames are different. This Award Winning range of frames are colourful, comfortable and lightweight. They have been expertly designed with babies and children in mind. The material is non-toxic and flexible, designed with the practicality of rough and tumble, and specific complex needs in mind. This unique frame has a 3-way bridge fitting of which correctly places the weight on the bridge perfectly, customised temple lengths for security and comfort, and a contouring head strap if required. Tomato frames are individualised, with customised measurements and modifications made at the time of dispensing and glazing to ensure all criteria of fitting and comfort are met and ready when you come to collect. This in turn makes the whole experience of choosing spectacles less of an ordeal and the outcome brighter and more positive.

At Stony Optical there is always a qualified Dispensing Optician available to give advice on frame and lens choice, and to make choosing spectacles easier for both the child and the parents or guardian.

If you would like to make an appointment or would like more information on Tomato Glasses please contact us on 01908 567672..

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Myopia or short-sightedness is very common and causes objects in the distance to appear blurred. Glasses are usually prescribed to bring distant objects into focus.

Myopia does not mean the eyes are unhealthy. A child is more likely to be myopic if their parents are and it has been shown that increased time spent indoors on near concentrated tasks like reading or on digital devices can worsen the myopia.

As myopia worsens the prescription needed to correct it will become stronger.

To help avoid worsening myopia there are a number of things you can encourage as a parent.

· Spend some time each day outside in natural daylight.

· Avoid spending long periods of time viewing near tasks including reading books and digital devices. Build in regular breaks from focusing at near so that the eyes can rest from focussing at near by looking out of the window or across the room.

Conventional glasses or contact lenses give your child clear vision but now with myopia management we can slow down how quickly their myopia develops overtime.

One of the causes of myopia is the eye being too long. The technology behind myopia management works to reduce excessive lengthening of the eye and is available in spectacle lenses and contact lenses.

Reducing a child’s myopia progression can achieve a potentially lower adult prescription meaning thinner and lighter spectacle lenses and less blurry vision without spectacles or contact lenses.

Please call us to book an appointment to discuss how myopia management might be suitable for your child.

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